Auto Email Marketing: Definition, Benefits and Functions

As a marketer, you should consider an email marketing service that accommodates automation to speed up the process of sending email marketing campaigns for your business. For this reason, you need to know more about email automation it self.

In the following article, we will review things about email automation starting from the meaning, benefits, types and functions that you should know.

Auto Email Marketing

What is Email Automation?

Email automation is the process of sending marketing emails to customers which is done automatically with email triggers . All processes are carried out based on action, inaction, and the audience who receives the email.

So, your business’s marketing team and sales team can reach leads by sending personalized marketing emails appropriately while spending less time and effort.

Email automation is an effective way for your business to communicate with potential customers, because it allows your business to send email marketing campaigns at certain times.

The greatest value from using email automation is the ability to send relevant email marketing campaigns to the right audience and at the right time. What’s more, if you link Customer Relationship Management (CRM) to the email marketing automation tools you use, you can nurture subscribers effectively with their purchasing and behavioral data.

Automated email allows you to send real-time, one-to-one messages that strengthen customer engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Transactional emails are highly valuable to consumers because they provide crucial information like receipts or password resets, but because of CAN-SPAM and CASL rules and guidelines, these emails can’t provide or contain much promotional content. 

Traditional marketing email is critical for sending announcements to large segments of your customer base, like promotions or newsletters, but they don’t offer the one-to-one communication customers have come to expect.

Email automation provides benefits from both transactional and marketing email because it allows you to follow up with individual customers automatically, like transactional email, but also allows for more robust messaging opportunities like you get from marketing email.

By bridging the gap between transactional and marketing email, automated email provides a scalable and efficient method for marketers to send extremely user-specific messages in a responsive way.

Automated email achieves the best of both worlds between timing and content to provide marketers with messages that have:


When a user receives an automated email, it’s because they’ve taken an action which triggered a workflow. As a result, the message they receive is highly relevant to them and they’re more likely to open and engage with the email.

Engaging content 

Automated email content is designed to increase user engagement with your app or website. This could mean teaching new customers how to use your product, encouraging users to give feedback, or providing a lapsed customer with an incentive to return.

For example, you might want to set up an automated “how-to” email trigger if certain people have signed up for your service but have yet to start using it.

Brand building 

As a highly personal communication channel, automated email serves as an extension of your brand. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen the connection between you and your customers by communicating thought leadership, assisting with cross-sells, or by sharing timely updates about features they haven’t used yet.

Simply put, email automation drives user engagement. Customers are much more likely to open, read, and take action with an automated email.

Email automation helps you drive real and meaningful business results including:

Auto Email Marketing


Customers who’ve been helped through the onboarding process or who have received timely cues to follow through on desired actions are more likely to feel successful and recommend your brand to others.


Customers feel more valued when they receive personalized assistance and real-time communication, which translates to sticky users who you can count on as consistent, long-term users.


Customers are more likely to finish entering their billing information, upgrade their account, or return as an active user when they’re messaged at the perfect time with just the right prompt.


One of the reasons automated email is so powerful is that it targets people who have already engaged with your brand’s website or app. This means they are further down the sales funnel and more likely to take the steps you want them to as customers.

Benefits of Email Automation

If you are still considering using email automation tools, below are the benefits of using email automation that you should know.

1. Save Time

Marketers like you will be able to run email marketing campaigns more easily. Sending emails can be done quickly to multiple business audiences, saving you time. So, you don’t have to do the same work to send emails to each audience and you can still personalize your business’s email marketing campaigns .

2. Helps in Nurturing Your Business Leads

You can use automated email in the process of nurturing leads by contacting them at the right time. If the message is relevant and interesting, then your business audience will contact to learn more about your business, business products or services. Therefore, the business audience will be closer to your business sales funnel .

3. Increase Sales

With email automation , marketers like you can be helped to determine the most interesting content for their audience. So it can allow you to reach leads by displaying appropriate products or business services.

4. Meet Your Customers’ Needs

With professional email marketing services , you can send automated emails in response to clients’ actions after they place an order, abandon a shopping cart, or take certain actions on your business website . By using email automation, each of your business audiences gets personalized and segmented offers.

5. Allows you to develop a more mature email marketing strategy

Instead of sending mass emails one by one and inconsistently, you can use email automation to direct your audience to get to know your business better until they convert into customers. 

This can help you evaluate the effectiveness of each step of your business’s email marketing strategy , so you can make changes whenever needed.

6. Increase Customer Retention

Email automation is a great way to make it easier to engage with customers who haven’t opened your business’s email marketing campaigns in a long time, or purchased products from your business. 

You can do this by sending win-back email campaigns designed to entice passive customers to re-engage with your business.

Types of Email Automation

Types of Email Automation

The following are types of email automation that are widely used by marketers to interact with target customers.

1. Welcome Email

This type of email automation is the gateway to your business for new customers who subscribe to your business’s email marketing campaigns . If you use this welcome email as an email marketing campaign strategy for your business, it can increase open rates which is very useful for your business needs.

Usually the content in this welcome email is an introduction to your business, telling about your business’ superior products or services, and the vision and mission of your business that you offer to the business audience.

This type of email can also increase your business brand awareness by introducing your business and your business products or services, thereby allowing the business audience to be interested in your business products or services.

2. Abandoned Cart Email

One of the next types of email automation is abandoned cart email . This type of email is a great way to increase your business profits. The purpose of this email is to remind your business audience about the purchase they are about to make.

To be effective, you must send this email using email automation tools, and you must send this email within 24 hours after your business audience abandons their cart. Otherwise, they can easily forget their order.

3. Order Confirmation Email

Order confirmation emails include transactional emails , which are examples of emails that appear as a result of order confirmation actions taken by your business audience via your business website or mobile application.

This email will be sent to one contact, prospect, or customer to help facilitate or follow up on commercial actions they have taken with your business. You must send this order confirmation email using email automation so that the email is sent quickly and on target.

Function Email Automation

Below are the functions of email automation that you should know.

1. Can Personalize Your Business Customer Experience

With email automation, you can create a series of automated emails to help develop your business relationships with your business audience. Thus increasing the efficiency of email marketing as a marketing channel through your business sales funnel .

2. Maximize your business marketing team

The existence of automation changes the way all teams do work. For example, like an email marketing team, this will mean spending less time building email lists and scheduling emails manually.

So your business email marketing team can use their free time to focus on other important work, such as building deeper customer relationships.

3. Increase Your Business Conversions

The next function is that email automation can help increase your business conversions. By having targeted and personalized email marketing campaigns , your business will indirectly offer business products or services. You must provide the value of your business product or service in the email.

This can allow the business audience in your email to visit your business website which you display in your business email marketing campaigns . So you can increase your business website traffic and increase your business conversions.

4. Make your business marketing strategy more measurable

When you send a series of email campaigns manually, your marketing team members will inevitably limit the number of audiences you can reach. Would you still get on schedule if your business audience suddenly tripled?

For this reason, when you send emails automatically, you can measure your business’s email marketing efforts. When you have set up email automation tools to send emails when an audience registers for your business form , then you don’t need to make sure to send emails one by one anymore.

Email Marketing

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Why is an email automation strategy so important? Because email automation is the best way to continually update and engage your customer list in email lists.

With email marketing automation tools, you can create email marketing campaigns that are sent automatically easily, sent at certain times, helping you save time, and can build customer relationships with your business.

That’s our review of email automation starting from the meaning, benefits, types and functions that you should know and apply to your business needs To get other information about email marketing, please visit our blog. Or register yourself here to use our email marketing campaign service.