10 Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees Free 2023

Bisnis.RumahBudidaya.Co.Id – Online Digital Marketing Degrees – A digital marketing degree from an accredited college can help you land a high-paying job in the much-loved digital marketing sector.

To help you choose the degree that best suits your needs and budget, we’ve studied the market to find the best digital marketing degrees to take online.

Our top 10 list includes Bachelors and Masters programs from globally recognized schools.

Bachelor’s degrees take 2-4 years to complete while Masters programs can be completed in 1-2 years. Fees for online undergraduate degrees are between $14K and $50K and Masters fees are between $11K and $35K.




The Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees

The following below are the 10 Best Online Digital Marketing Degrees, including:

1. Online Digital Marketing Degree

An active digital marketing degree that is updated periodically to reflect the latest changes in the market, the “Master in Digital Marketing” by the Digital Marketing Institute, sets the stage for your new profession.

Carefully planned to give you a deeper understanding of everything from marketing tactics to mobile and social media promotions, this online digital marketing degree can open doors to unlimited job opportunities.

With your registration, you will gain full access to the Digital Marketing Institute, to regular industry refinement and discourse, and to a globally recognized Master’s degree. Each program module comes with interactive evaluation elements, videos and quizzes to test your knowledge. There’s even animated captions, and unique tools to explore.

2. Bachelor of Marketing with a focus on Digital Marketing

Accredited by ACBSP, SHNU’s Digital Marketing Degree teaches everything a student needs to know to promote via mobile, social media, and other online channels. You’ll learn how to assess responsible metrics to help strengthen campaigns, and create good tactics for pay-per-organic and click-through advertising campaigns.

A BS in Marketing can prepare students for entry-level status in landscape marketing, or form the basis of your Master’s degree study. There are “accelerated degree” pathways available to help you move from Bachelor to Master degree quickly.

3. Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing

Created by one of the leading digital marketing schools in the world today, Cambridge’s online Bachelor of Science in Digital Marketing helps develop the technical, innovative and business leadership talents of students interested in advertising.

This great marketing degree provides access to a wide range of learning experiences, including training jobs designed to take you deeper into the world of research and learn more from market leaders such as Gary Vaynerchuk, Seth Godin, and Simon Sinek.

Students have the opportunity to develop business management skills with marketing talent, and gain in-depth knowledge about website improvement, design, customer attitude, and advertising.

4. Online Business Digital Marketing Degree

This online internet marketing degree is actually a business degree with a focus on digital marketing. The educational experience examines marketing as a key element for growing a successful business, bringing together discourse on marketing with in-depth insights into how to develop an effective online business.

You’ll learn how to create advertising tactics, analyze campaign results, and apply various tools and tactics for loyal customer acquisition.

Rather than watching limitedly on marketing techniques, this training aims to prepare business leaders with the most transferable skills, such as capabilities in data mining and data management.

5. Master of Business Administration

Ranked one of the top degrees in the digital marketing industry by various publications, the University of Illinois’ Master of Business Administration program includes the world’s foremost digital marketing specialist certification.

Specialists exploit various factors of the digital marketing environment, such as analytics, crawler optimization, social media, and 3D rendering.

As far as the diploma is fully accredited, you will be given all the tools you need to gain deeper knowledge about marketing analytics, promos, and start a successful business. Students are given leadership skills along with techniques to improve business and marketing.

6. Online Bachelor in Marketing

Created to prepare aspiring innovators for high-impact business careers, the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Marketing can empower you to pursue a variety of new roles.

This degree covers a number of essential skills for today’s business leaders, including marketing analytical skills, customer engagement, content creation, branding, communications management, and marketing.

This training provides student support in developing in-depth tactics for promoting various services and products. The marketing elements of the training cover topics such as brand management, marketing tactics, analytics, and customer attitude analysis.

Alternatively, the main components of business and business management look at topics such as basics for success in business and increased tactical considerations.

7. Magister Marketing Online

According to the Santa Clara University Leavey School of Business, a Masters in Marketing Online can be completed in as little as a year, and puts students on the fast track to lucrative promotional roles.

The teaching track includes a total of 15 training courses, each covering important topics such as marketing and customer analytics, marketing analytics, and MarTech foundations.

You can take options courses in brand management and product development, and learn about the detailed components of the advertising landscape, such as programmatic advertising, technology, and social media marketing. Additional options have been improved for this training.

8. BS in Business: Digital Marketing Management

Bay Path University’s Bachelor of Science online digital marketing degree teaches students how to master some of the basics of marketing, from creating efficient social media campaigns to managing digital media programs and tools.

You will learn how to conduct efficient internet marketing research, and apply analytics to calculate marketing success.

As far as training goes, students gain access to SOUL’s online tools and resources, with customized support for their academic journey.

There is also extensive support and academic tutorials available for first time beginners looking to teach.

9. Master of Science in Digital Marketing

This online internet marketing degree covers everything an expert to become a marketing innovator needs to understand.

The fully online AACSB accredited program goes beyond the basics of basic marketing training with full coverage of complex topics such as consumer behavior in the digital world, customer journey analytics, and how to conduct marketing research.

This training integrates with key marketing technology bases such as HootSuite and Google Analytics, to help develop marketing leaders who can thrive in the online environment.

You’ll even learn about UX and UI ideas in digital marketing, and get to know some of the basic laws, regulations, and digital marketing norms.

10. Online Master of Science in Digital Marketing

Making up the next batch of digital marketing masters, the online Master of Science in digital marketing by Contech is a great digital degree.

This course covers some important topics that other digital marketing degrees neglect, such as how to create content design for the user experience, create your own vital marketing ideas, and leverage prospecting.

You will have access to information about track record management, and unique types of digital marketing, such as affiliate marketing and social media promotions. This training is complemented by brief exercises and drills.


To help you find the best digital marketing degree online, we’ve looked at the most popular programs offered by accredited colleges.

We have evaluated several programs that draw on our more than 20 years of experience in the digital marketing industry.

The degree chosen is chosen based on the delivery system (we have selected undergraduate and graduate programs that can be taken 100% online), program curriculum, school track record, cost experience, and trainer.

All degrees that make it into our top 10 list are globally recognized and can help you start a successful career in any given internet marketing sector.